It is no surprise that Bob's favorite pie is lemon meringue - especially when it is made the way his mother (Mahm) used to make it. The recipe has been printed in nearly every newspaper in every town Bob has performed in and in at least a hundred "celebrity" cook books. (As many as 12 pies have shown up at Bob's hotel when he has been on tour.)

Mahm's Lemon Pie Recipe


For as long as I can remember, Sunday at the Hope house has been a day filled with tradition. The day always began with mass at St. Charles, our local Catholic church, followed by a wonderful brunch. Dad usually joined us for delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs, grilled ham, sausages, crisp bacon and incredible home made biscuits and sweet rolls. Barely able to move, Dad would take us all to Lakeside Golf Club to work off the extra calories. In those days there were no golf carts so we got a real workout. My brother Tony and I only played nine holes and were allowed to go home while Mother and Dad played another nine holes. By the time we returned home the house was filled with the smells of my grandmother's marinara sauce, which simmered on the stove all afternoon. We usually had dinner about six o'clock, which gave my mother time to make her famous antipasto salad. We'd have her salad first, with some hot garlic bread, followed by broiled chicken and pasta with the marinara sauce. Now, when the Hope children and grandchildren visit, the first meal we all look forward to sharing together is the Italian dinner. For your enjoyment we've included Mother's recipe for for her antipasto salad.

Dolores Hope's Antipasto Salad Recipe

Tasty Holiday Treat

Virginia Stanton was not only a dear friend to the Hopes - she was also one of the best cooks they knew. Here's one of her recipes that's guaranteed to bring compliments from holiday guests... and it's easy, too!

Worcestershire Pecans recipe

Virginia Stanton's stuffing

And here is another of Virginia Stanton's recipes sure to please.

Virginia Stanton's stuffing recipe

Elizabeth's Ginger Snap Cookies

Mrs. Hope's cook came up with this delicious recipe for Ginger Snap Cookies. Now Mrs. Hope insists these cookies be on hand at all times during the holiday season. Elizabeth thinks the secret is in the refrigeration.

Ginger Snaps recipe

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